In order to get registered for a class, and thereby be marked as Attending, please ensure you are set up using your Hult Student Email.


Creating an Account on Zoom 

All you need to do is:                                                     

      1. Go to Zoom’s Sign-up page:



  1. Use only your Hult student email ( 
  2. Type your email into the "Your work email address" field 
  3. Click the "Sign Up" button. 
       a. Do NOT use the “Sign in with Google” or “Sign in with Facebook” options 
       b. Do NOT use an account (for example, with a personal email address) that you have used before on Zoom.                                                                                  

       4. Zoom will then send an email to your inbox, with an activation link. Find the email and click the link to activate your account. 


  1. After confirming your email address, you will be taken to Zoom again. 
  2. Make sure to put your First and Last name as you use in class.                             
  3. Make sure you use a Password that only you will know (do not use the same password you use for other accounts). 
  4. Click continue.                     



Downloading and Configuring the Zoom app 

  1. Then, click "Start meeting" in order to test your setup.                             
  2. If you haven't already downloaded the Zoom app, it should now download.                             
  3. Make sure to install the app on your computer.                             
  4. Now that you're in your own meeting room, take the opportunity to check your audio and video settings by following these instructions
  5. Once this is done, close the meeting. 
  6. Open the Zoom app on your computer. 


  1. The app will prompt you to Sign In                             
  2. Make sure you sign in with your Hult email address as you did in the previous steps.



Logging into classes using the Zoom App 

      1. Ensure you're always logged into the app when joining a classroom or call.                                                                                                

      2. To check this: 

             a. On Macs:                                                                                                

                   i. Go to the "" menu on the top left.

             b. On PCs:                                                                                                
                     i.  Right click the Zoom icon in the task bar.                             
                    ii.  If it says "Sign In" you'll need to click and do just that. 

                   iii.  If it says "Sign Out" you have successfully signed in.                             


3. On a Mac, the sign-in option is here: 


4. On a PC, the sign-in option is here:   





Adding a Team Number to your Name in class 


      1. If your professor asks you to join a class with the team number at the start of your name, to make it easier for them to create breakout rooms by teams, you can change this on joining classroom by right-clicking on your name in the Zoom classroom and selecting ‘Rename’.






      2. This will only change your name for that class. 

                 a. You must make sure you do not change the name you have put in your profile.                     

                 b. Your email will no longer appear in the Zoom session that your professor and classmates sees, but Hult will be able to see it in reports from Zoom.                                             




How will Attendance be Measured? 

  1. Students’ attendance will be measured according to their overall time logged-in to Zoom sessions for each class.                             
  2. This means that a temporary WiFi outage will not affect attendance so long as the student logs in again immediately.                             
  3. Professors will continue to cold-call students in the class. Any students who do not answer will be marked as absent.                             
  4. Any students found to have their cameras off or using video on a loop will be marked absent. Persistent offenders may be brought to the attention of the Academic Integrity Committee as falsification of attendance data is an issue of academic dishonesty.