Please follow the steps below to setup Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on your Hult account:

Step 1. Once signed into your Hult account using your / / / (username and password) 


- You will find that you’re prompted to provide more information for Authentication.

- Click Next and keep the screen open - go to the next step. 

Step 2: On your smartphone: 

-  Go to the apple store or Google store and download the app called: "Microsoft Authenticator". 

-  Open App and Click on + and add your Hult account

-  You will be prompted to scan a QR. - Go to the next step

Step 3:  Approve Sign-in

- Scan QR on your screen on your Laptop with your phone's app. 

- Click Next

- ON your phone a pop up screen will show asking for sign-in "Approve".  Approve

- Click Next - You all Set!